Our Mission

To Save the Elephants

Every 15 minutes, an elephant is illegally slaughtered for its ivory. Every day.

When founder Angelina Lue was 13-years-old in the fall of 2016, she learned about the elephant poaching crisis after watching the documentary The Ivory Game. So, she decided to combine her passion for fashion with her drive to save the elephants to create Ivory Tees. We donate 100% of our profits to adopting baby elephant orphans in Africa through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We believe adopting elephants is crucial to preserving the next generation of elephants. Thanks to people like you who have supported our efforts, we have been able to adopt 16 baby elephants who were victims of poaching, human-wildlife conflict, drought, and other issues. Join us in our fight to save the elephants!


Our Impact:

So far, we've fostered 16 elephant orphans through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Help us foster our 17th!


Angelina Lue

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